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Trudi at Wardrobe Flair is amazing!

She has a down to earth, professional and practical approach to something that is exciting, but also a little daunting! As a stay at home Mum, I was wedded to jeans and tees, and initially quite worried about the wardrobe makeover and very very wary of anything froufrou or frilly!! But having seen many of her clients transformed and looking modern, age appropriate, interesting, colourful and stylish, I eventually made the call. Trudi clearly explains what colours and styles work best for your colouring, body shape AND lifestyle…. and she does it all with a healthy dose of humour. I now feel so much more put together, more polished and love the positive feedback since having it done. AND… while I now feel I have more options available to me, I can still wear jeans… just ones that are much more flattering to my shape! I also really love her online jewellery and have learnt that a bit of interesting bling adds an extra bit of flair and polish to even the simplest outfits. Liz G, October 2012


Liz G

Sarah was fun, knowledgeable and confident.

I felt that she made good clear decisions quickly. My plane was late and so we were a bit rushed for time which got the adrenalin going. I appreciated that Sarah took it all in her stride. I also felt that she tuned in to what I was looking for and took into account the idiosyncrasies of the way I like to dress.

Sam, Business owner, Nelson

"Trudi was superb. The consultation was really informative and very down to earth.

 I knew most of my clothes had to go and they did!-but knowing the reasons why because of wrong colour, style, fit etc was educational. The shopping trip was the best one yet. To be able to go with Trudi who gave you the guidelines of what pieces to select as you went and then matched everything up for you as you tried it all on was invaluable. I'd have never previously considered all of the available colour range that suited me and it is really exciting to look in your wardrobe and have so many combinations to be able to wear. Once you have your clothes organised it becomes so obvious of the colour matching for every piece. "

Anna, Sports Physiotherapist & mother of 2, Johnsonville

Just wanted to say thanks for the wardrobe and shopping sessions that I booked with you a few months ago now.

I feel completely reinvigorated and have an interest in clothes and style (not fads!) that I've never really had before.  Went to Savemart this week for the first time by myself and found a couple of AWESOME dresses including a bias cut which you convinced me I could wear if it flared out at the bottom...

I spent the first week classifying every 'red' I saw (from clothes to cars) as a cool red or a warm red, and have spent every week since then telling someone about Wardrobe Flair!  You offer a great service and I am totally convinced it has saved me money.  Teaching me HOW to shop at 2nd hand stores was invaluable- I get 'more for less' and all without any guilty conscience.

Maria, March 2010

"Trudi's approach is positive, non judgmental and understanding.

I appreciated the tactful approach she took to discussing aspects of my existing wardrobe that were not quite on the mark. I imagine lots of people anticipate critical comments of less than perfect aspects of their body shape and wardrobe, but I am sure they would be pleasantly surprised with Trudi’s supportive approach. I also appreciated that there was no pressure (either obvious or subtle) to instantly go out and replace my existing wardrobe. Trudi was realistic about the fact that clothes aren’t always the first priority on a family’s budget, and that acquisition of the ideal wardrobe often needs to be a work in progress."

Kim, organizational psychologist and mother, Ngaio

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